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Welcome to Neurokunst!

“What is consciousness?” Painted by a German high-school student, 2007, Göttingen, Germany.

I am always puzzled by how our brain can generate a stable internal representation of a variable physical world. At the same time, it remains plastic enough to learn from new experiences and embed this knowledge into new circuits.

This is a blog where we can discuss two profoundly human activities: the practice of science and art. Both try to give us an understanding of who we are and our labile position on this planet. We will see how they can help illustrate the wonders of our brain. More often than we think, their paths intertwine.

In following this roadmap, I am indebted to an excellent book on the subject, that inspired me many years ago: “Inner Visions” by Prof. Semir Zeki, from University College London, UK.

I hope that you find it helpful and exciting! Please make it yours as well! Protection Status

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